Translation company in Dubai

Why would a customer stick to same translation company in Dubai?

What makes a translation company successful and what makes a translator unique, simple and error free? Lots of aspects are involved that force a customer to not to see any other company and stay long with the same supplier to fulfill such requirements though translation is really a difficult skill and strongly  demands lots of efforts and knowledge to match the desires of a customer specially in the field of technical translation.

Let’s try to summarize the vital factors that make a translated document flawless and well simple to leave a good impact on the reader who enjoys reading without opening dictionary and putting heavy mental efforts to understand the content or reading again and again same sentence or paragraph.  As a translation coordinator, I am working with a big no. of professional translators who are offering services in all major languages under their areas of expertise but honestly, I always loved to work with them who accepted the job with passion, confidence and great interest giving their commitment to provide top quality output.

Selection of a right, qualified and experienced translator who is native with a core knowledge of both source and target languages, well disciplined, devoted towards the project, having a strong grip on expressing in the simplest and clearest manner  for both the languages avoiding ambiguity with a great sense of skipping  unnecessary or complicated use of terminologies whereas a very simple and easy alternative is available and the most importantly is well capable of translating as closer to the original as possible is the utmost important for a translation service provider specially here in Dubai as customers really demand high standard and not ready to compromise on quality, deadline and professional prompt feedback.

All translation companies in Dubai really need to establish a strong quality control system to produce best translation from very beginning and a proper procedure ought to be formed in this regard. Just as a customer approaches to the company and provides the document to be translated, there should be an entire team consisting of translator, project manager, editor and proofreader involved in translation process before it is supplied back to customer.  Translator is at key position who understands the language better than any other linguist and converts the content into target language. It goes through under the eyes of editor who assesses the work, points out errors in translation and provides assurance that translation is precise and clear.

Third stage brings the turn of desktop publisher who is responsible to check the layout, design (if any in source file) and format to keep it maximum necessarily similar to the source file or customer’s instructions. After translation, necessary editing and desktop publishing process, here comes proofer who thoroughly goes through the document and in case of finding any error, sends it back to the project manager who is responsible of all this process and chooses the whole team. Same procedure is strictly carried by Al Hadeed Translation Services before it is submitted for customer review or finalizing the project and is the key of customer’s satisfaction.

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