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Translation is a different way of communication

As the globalization is taking a swift, the necessity of translation has predictably taken a troll for both individuals and companies. By doing a research, it is found that the requirement of translation service is increasing, but the companies are not able to take benefit of it due to budget problem.

Before hiring the translation services in Dubai, do you know how good they are in their work?  Yeah, we agree that it is quite difficult to check the quality of translation, but you can look out for some of the telltale signs that can help you in getting the best service.

Al Hadeed Translation Services is one such translation company in Dubai who is accomplishing the major requirement of almost every country, especially Dubai. We play an important role in bridging a gap to overcome the language barrier. The translators have become the connection between different countries, whether the work is related to the commercial sector, political or just a tour. They have beautifully eliminated the language barrier. The translation service like Arabic Translation has expanded quite a large. This field is also developing with the technology. Surely, a linguistic magic has been created by this service.

We offer the complete translation service in several languages. At our organization, you can get any type of content translated perfectly.

If you are running a business, you also need perfection and quality results, Al Hadeed Translation Services do this for you. We can translate any kind of technical content into the general one that you required for your brochure or manual. Basically, it involves the process of converting the technological text that involves specialized terminology or practical content are converted. Our translation services are widely accepted by the restaurant industry, engineering section and the automobile industry for better understanding.

  • Legal content translation

In the legal matters, it is very important that your content covers all the points. We are expertise in handling all the documents in dozen of languages and convert them into the understandable matter. We understand that it requires precision and accuracy. Our translation specialists have the knowledge that goes hand in hand with confidentiality.  You can expect from us the quality services.

  • Medical content translation

Your medical content translation, ranging from medical script for insurance purpose, reports from foreign countries and medical descriptions other than English and Arabic require to be correct and covering the whole matter. Al Hadeed Translation Services have the team of experts of medical and scientific background. This service is opted by most of the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical devices selling industry along with the individuals, clinics and hospitals.

  • General content translation

The provided service is for the website content translation, POA, certificates, MAO degrees, marriage documents and many others requested by the customers.  You can trust our services and see the results by yourself.

We provide our translation services for embassies, consulates, Dubai police, Dubai courts, immigration offices, corporate companies, international brands, small and medium sized business and individuals for better understanding of the language and different types of requirements. AHTS is also proud to offer those who are looking for translation companies in Media City and translation services in JLT Dubai.

  • Website translation services

Al Hadeed Translation services Dubai assists small medium and large sized businesses to get their websites translated into Arabic to attract the locals and other Arabic speaking community along with any other language.  Website translation in Dubai in different languages is required to get the attention, business enhancement and convey your message to those who don’t know general languages as Arabic and English. People from different parts of the world are gather here in Dubai for their jobs, business operations, tourism and other social activities but want to know about their desired product, information and service in their own language for a better and perfect understanding.  AHTS mainly provides websites translation services in Dubai from English to Arabic, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Nepali, Telugu, vice versa and all other language pairs.

What are our specialities?

Being one of the leading translation companies in Dubai, AHTS offers reliable translation, Interpretation, Proofreading, Transcription and subtitling services in Dubai, Al Hadeed Translation Services have a pool of experienced professionals who are expert in their areas of expertise. The Arabic Translation Services we offer is featured with lots of benefits that our clients can look upon.

Quality and speed

Within no time, we offer the quality services that are the result of higher professional training, technical capacity and flexibility of work flow. We keep our word by matching the services with your criteria.

Practicing the professionalism

We follow the professionalism and meet all the challenges while completing the projects. Collaborating with the good features, we follow the key factors to do the quality translations. The main purpose behind the translation is targeting the audience who are not able to understand different languages. Because of the easy approach, you can offer the guarantee to the customers along with the advantages of the translation.

Offering the reliability and stability

By hiring our services, you can take the several advantages of the translation services like:

  • Minimizing the costs
  • Providing a higher degree of stability
  • Provide the confidence in doing the tasks on time

Welcome the great opportunities coming in your path

Al Hadeed Translation Services is appreciated for offering the professional Arabic Translation in Dubai. The language can be converted into different languages like English, German, French, Spanish and many others or vice versa.

The experience of our customers is our next battleground where we have to take care of each one of them. For us our satisfied customers are the biggest achievement. Thus, we offer round the clock services to them so that we deal with their problems.

Precise human translation

Our service is highly appreciated for accurate and precise translation so that the reader or listener can easily understand. We also work on emergency translation projects and deliver on time.

Al Hadeed Translation Services is a recommended organization that is acknowledged for the delivery of correct and timely translation services. At each translation stage, we take care of that there is not any mistake in the work. Not only has this, the work process we follow kept us aware of the time zone. Our clients can opt for the custom made services for the best results as these are totally based on their requirements. While doing the translation we keep a check on the meaning and tone of the language to maintain the localization aspects. Most of the international companies and agencies work in collaboration with us to target their customers.

Translation nowadays is not just limited to the words, but to minimize the difference between different languages. Choose Al Hadeed Translation Services as it is a  translation company in Deira Dubai and known for delivering high quality services. Therefore, we have become a right place to build a partnership between numerous companies and accomplish the requirements of the clients.

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