Things to be considered while choosing translation services in Dubai UAE

Things to be considered while choosing translation services in Dubai

Almost all translation companies in Dubai claim that they are the best service providers or at least better than the competitors. Their claim could possibly be right but on what basis? If they are revealing quality sign as that they are carrying the biggest network of translation services in Dubai and working with hundreds of translators and interpreters so they can offer best services. Is it just enough to put a blind faith on their claim? Does contacting with a big translation company in Dubai guarantee top quality output?


Mostly customer seeks translation in a single language in a specific subject. All they need is to make sure if the company has the capacity of getting the translation rendered by the subject specialist and rely on proofreaders and editors to make sure the quality outcome.  One could also require the services of a desktop publisher depending on file format or content type etc.  Another aspect is to be considered as well to get desired result is the selection of right translation agency that can ensure that project will be handed to the one who matches same writing style, dialect and tone as requested by the customer.

Some customers consider it better to get translation by one and to go to another translation service provider to check the authenticity, accuracy and quality. It’s not a bad approach at all but carries a minor back draw too if the reviewing team tries to detect maximum errors to show that they have deeply gone through the document and performed a good job. Such unnecessary focus can put an effect on quality and customer goes very restless to see so many suggested changes.

Another common misjudgment is made on quality check by the customers when they send a slice of project to a translator and send the received sample translation to the other to get it back in source language. After getting the translated file back in with source language, they compare with the original document without considering if the mistake was made by the one who translated into target language or person at fault is the one who translated back in source language. There will definitely be a difference in both the files and customer can’t definitely find the root of error. Two eye pairs is a better option to skip this confusion. Simply seek the help of another translator for true comments on work quality or at least ask any bilingual with clear and precise guidance of things to be considered to look the document to get a valuable feedback.

There are a lot of techniques to ensure the quality translation but to avoid wastage of time and money, Al Hadeed Translation Services Dubai will insist to get the help of a professional translation company from very beginning fully armed with quality control process, working with experienced translators team who can produce quality work keeping the content as simple as possible with a great back ground of understanding both source and target languages.


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