Something about Dubbing Services..

Something about Dubbing Services..

Translation is an essential and vital part of dubbing and subtitling production process. In other words, we can call them a written and vocal form of the translation in desired language.  Here we will go through touching essential stages of Voice over dubbing process and introducing Al Hadeed Translation Services as a Voice over and Dubbing service provider in Dubai.

As the Translation is completed, it’s sent to proofreader (not necessary or often but depends upon the requirement or recommendations of translator or project manager etc.) with specific instructions and a copy of video to get a polished version keeping in view next phases of voice over dubbing.

Synchronization is second step which makes sure that translated text matches with the lip movement of the actor as much as possible. It can also be carried by the translator, proofreader but mostly a dubbing director takes care of it. Synchronizer really has to consider that it doesn’t leave any artificial effect on the viewers and sometimes synchronizer might have to put additional sound effect or eliminate some information.

Thirdly, to facilitate the dubbing, translated and synchronized scripts are sent to production department for final necessary touches as per the type of product. Here the technician divides the content into segment then dubbing director finalizes the schedule of voice recording keeping in view if the recording room features and other factors to minimize the cost and time consumed.

Dubbing process is very complicated and frequently praised with the arguments that dubbed programs are a great facility because viewers avoid hassle of reading while watching where as a subtitled program doesn’t allow you to delve deep into your favorite. On other hand, an imperfect lip-synchronicity in any dubbed program can destroy viewers mood or doesn’t allow much to enjoy. Further, the original voice of the actor is vanished away in this process as well.  A bad and full of errors translated script used in a dubbed program also provides a base of criticism as it’s absolutely not necessary that the technician would be aware of target language.

Further the dubbing has some limitation as the content has to fulfill the criteria that they must be spoken by the actors in the program. Secondly, with dubbing, the original soundtrack is removed too. In spite of these all arguments against or in favor of subtitling and dubbing this yet is the most widespread way used to make foreign language’s any type of programs available to any part of the world including domestic market.

Dubbed programs have a plus features that no texts are shown over the pictures so dubbing therefore maintains the exclusiveness of picture and sound. Viewers also experience another advantage of dubbed program as they hear their own language which gives a sense of familiarity.

Here in Al Hadeed Translation Services, we have a huge team of dubbing artists who have immense experience in voice over and dubbing and provide a perfect piece of dubbing in exchange of simple source video file. Our dubbing team in-charge closely works in coordination with the team and artist to get a quality output. Further, we offer different male and female voice over samples in more than 40 languages swiftly on demand to let our customer choose the best as per their requirement.


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