Selection of AH Translation Services Dubai Team

Selection of team by Al Hadeed Translation Services Dubai.

After getting a handy experience and knowledge regarding the technicalities, legalities involved and different types of content requirements for a good output in the field of translation, interpretation, subtitling, dubbing and voice over services, i always wanted to be a step ahead of other competitors not necessarily in terms of business growth but most importantly to earn healthy and satisfactory compliments from the customers.

To get the desired goal, there was no way other than providing quality and flawless services within agreed timeline.  Two basic elements were involved to start in such a passion. Firstly, the selection of perfect team of translators, proofreaders, editors, subtitling and dubbing technicians in each required field of expertise especially for medical, technical and legal content so more than 300 translation samples were taken form a no. translators with at least 10-15 years of experience in translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation fields only for a few major languages. All translated samples were examined by the best and most experienced ones in their specific subject.  Upon their recommendations, Al Hadeed Translation Services finalized a team of translators and proofreaders. Second indispensable factor was the job completion on time without compromising on quality so AHTS kept adding suitable addition in its team of professionals and always welcomed to the ones who strictly meet set criteria and specific requirements including extensive knowledge of both source and target languages,  great knowledge of the subject matter keeping in view the audience that the documents are addressing to, accepting criticism or suggestions from the customers with open heart to improve the service, well focused, result oriented and most importantly, having a firm grip on understanding a reasonable number of stylistic and dialectal variants. That’s why we are not hesitant at all to claim if you are looking for human translation, AHTS is the most reliable and undoubtedly a perfect choice to contact with.

Translation is an art of balancing the source words and giving them new shape in target language that shows true meaning and the tone of original content. A big no. of great writers was also the best translators and gave their frequent opinion on this art.  Here in UAE, not only the perfect translation works but also translation coordinators and the translators should have updated knowledge keeping in view the language pair, nature of the content and final destination of translated documents submission as different govt. departments, embassies, consulates, immigration offices and some private sectors have their own specific requirements and protocols to be implemented such as attestations from concerned department, MOFA, MOJ or notary etc. before they accept the translated documents. AH Translation Services Dubai is well equipped and has a great knowledge of such requirements and perfectly guides the customers to fulfill the formalities or help them while going through the same before and after translation proceeding to avoid any inconvenience later on.

Al Hadeed translation services is very suitable for those who want reliable one stop shop for the need and tips of  translation, interpretation, voice over, proofreading, Voice over dubbing and subtitling services.

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