Translation Legalities and Technicalities in Dubai

Legalities and Technicalities involved for a document to be translated here in Dubai, UAE.

UAE, especially Dubai has earned an iconic reputation to facilitate the expats whether they head here to start a business of any size, search a job, exhibit their skills in any field of art or intend to be stunned while visiting famous sky scrapers, vast desert, shiny beaches and a big no. of traditional and modern tour attractions.

Whatever the planning you have entered here with, in most of the cases, you would need translation services as majority of the departments accepts the documents in English or Arabic whereas some of the govt. institutes only in Arabic like UAE courts, Dubai land department, Dubai Police and Road and Traffic authorities etc. though you will find the expatriates here in a large no. speaking Chinese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Tagalog, Persian, Hindi and in addition to a lot of other languages.

This isn’t just the responsibility of a translation company to provide quality translation to their customers but also guide them explaining the needful before and after the translation process keeping in view the nature of documents. A translator, translation coordinator or project manager of a translation agency, should be well informed of such updates to let their customers be hassle free during the whole process.

To go through this all, a few most important aspects have to be kept under view. Firstly, nature of the document. Secondly, name of the department where translated papers would be submitted. Thirdly, whether legal translator is available for the desired language pair or not as translators with only a few major languages are registered with Ministry of Justice that include English to Arabic, Russian to English and Arabic, French to English and Arabic, Chinese to English and Arabic, German to English and Arabic, Italian to English, Persian to Arabic, Turkish to English and Arabic and all vice versa etc.  (There might be a few more translators with some other languages that would be registered with Ministry of Justice to get the honor of a legal translator). Being the Arabic as official language of UAE, you will frequently find the translation companies offering English to Arabic and Arabic to English legal translation services.

If the documents are issued from another country and are to be submitted to Ministry of Foreign affairs and Ministry of Justice for attestation, RTA Dubai, Immigration and other Govt. departments (In some certain circumstances), concerned authorities will ask for an attestation by the UAE Embassy in the related country to confirm the authenticity of documents. To get a legal translation, all the mentioned attestations are mandatory. On other hand, if the document was issued by the local authorities and have to be used here in UAE or outside of UAE, mostly, attestations are not required unless the concerned authority demands for the same.

Al Hadeed Translation Services is one of the translation services in Dubai that informs the customers in detail on such issues and take complete responsibility of providing quality translation as per requirements.


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