Legal Translation Services Dubai

Legal Translation Services Dubai

While searching for professional and cost effective translation companies in Dubai to get translation in any language, the most important factors are the confirmation of the availability of experienced translators in both source and target languages, proper team of proofreaders, editors and complete quality check system etc. but when it comes to specifically LEGAL translation here in Dubai, requirements are more than the common ones.

Normally legal translated documents are referred to be used in civil and justice system and can be categorized as birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, educational certificates, true copy of passport, documents to support litigation process, ruling of court, affidavit, Power of attorney, contracts, documents for immigration offices, Embassies and Consulates, trademarks, service, sale and purchase agreements, documents to be the part of arbitration, court decisions, documents for the formation of an offshore company, bank statements, travel history, Documents for Notary Public office, Licenses, Certificate of Incorporation and a big no. falling under different categories.  To be sworn translators, countries have different mechanism, forums, process and authorities to be registered with and it varies from country to country.

A legal translator is awarded a legal/official stamp by the concerned Government department. Just as, to get legal translation in Spain and Turkey, sworn translator should be registered with Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Related department in Poland, Venezuela and Romania is Ministry of Justice. For legal translation in Portugal, German and Holland, translators sworn and should be registered with the regional court. Some countries require registration with specific associations and some have no such system as in USA, ATA conducts the certification exams and assesses the quality, standard, knowledge and skills of translator’s work.  So on in United Kingdom, there is no concept of sworn translator.

Different countries have their own protocols, procedures and requirements to declare a translation, ”a legal translation” and Here in Dubai, the question is that how to search a legal translation company or a legal translator? what are the qualifications and credentials of a translator in this regard? It’s not complicated to get the required information or a legal translator in different languages as for a sworn translator in Dubai, Ministry of Justice sets the criteria and arranges examination for the translators who wish to get the honor and stamp of a legal translator.  All the states of UAE and specially Dubai is flooded with translation companies offering certified and legal translation and one can take the advantage of 24/7 online services.

A perfect and quality translation can open the doors of great earning, good reputation among the industry, fellows, customers and definite career advancement for any major language’s translator. Legal translation is very demanding task in almost all the parts of the world and undoubtedly is the most difficult task as it requires utmost accuracy and complete knowledge of legal terminologies. Al Hadeed Translation Services Dubai proudly offers quality translation for any type of legal content for all the major languages and its team of translators is well capable in the sphere of legal content translation carrying deep cultural knowledge of source and target languages and performing their duties in professional and efficient manner.



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