What makes AHTS unique among other translation companies in Dubai?

What features make Al Hadeed Translation Services unique among other translation companies in Dubai?

We are one of the leading translation companies in Dubai and guarantee our clients the highest quality services with the help of our professional translators who are passionate about their work and are native speakers as well. Our translators cover more than 120 languages that are spoken worldwide.

At Al-Hadeed Translation Services Dubai, we understand the importance of urgencies, and are available 24/7 to offer our outstanding services. We believe that customer satisfaction is the key element to success. Therefore, we strive to achieve it by offering excellent work within the deadlines. We count ourselves among Dubai’s fastest translation service providers and, the best part is that you get all this at most affordable prices.

Be it any niche, medical, technical legal or financial translation, we have expertise in all domains. Our commitment to meet deadlines keeps our clients hooked with us for long term association. Our working strategies includes splitting a project amongst more than one translators to complete the task much faster if the timeline is very tight. You can contact our customer support team who are available online forever for all assistance.

We thoroughly cross-check and proofread every assignment for linguistic meticulousness, typographical precision, and accurate production. All our team members hold bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in language studies and some in translation as well. This makes our team more efficient to handle bulk work with ease and give high quality translated content.

Al Hadeed Translation Services Dubai is very concerned about perfection in its services. Therefore, we make it a point to keep the clients informed at various stages of the assignments or projects, with translated work for their approval before we submit final output. In addition to translation work, we also provide other related services such as word processing and specific text layouts, storage of the documents, hard copy and soft copy of the translated work.

Our motto of work is to provide localized words for the globalized world. Our mission is very straight and simple, we strive to become a guide between our clients and their projects. We help them break the boundaries and enable them understand the things to its depth irrespective of language.

We adopt international business standards at all levels of our work. Right from legal documents to corporate marketing, we have all the services in our specialization. If you need website translations or any other type of localization tasks, we are there to help you. We understand that most of our clients have busy schedules and they often need translation tasks at instants of a bigger objective. Exactly here we step in, and come forward with our team of language experts to accomplish the most effective content.

We have streamlined the complete translation process that helps us eliminating any discrepancies. We make sure to work in close association with our clients so that no discrepancies are there in the work process. Once we get the details, we take the responsibility in our shoulders and allow the clients to relax and take a back seat without any worries.


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