Interpretation Services

Al Hadeed Translation Services offers interpretation services to multi-lingual communities in more than 30 languages and all the interpreters have carefully been screened and selected to deliver the highest quality of interpretation services. We have a huge network of native interpreters who make sure an effective communication with your customers using their expert skills and command in target language with a great cultural and subject related knowledge.
We have a large network of professional interpreters, all of whom are native speakers of the target language and recognized experts in their specific industry as below.
Medical Appointments
Immigration Appointments
Business Meetings
Conferences, Trade show and events
Product Launches
Guide or city tour interpretation services
Exhibition and many more.
Our interprets are well capable of performing consecutive or simultaneous interpretation with more than ten years’ experience using the interpretation system / equipment verbally translating even the most difficult terminologies to let audience understand the subject with true meaning.

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